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1) GAY-TANTRA® Shower Ritual

Our sensual shower ritual is perfect as a prelude and preparation for a GAY-TANTRA® massage: Ritually welcomed by your masseur, he will lead you in the pre-heated steam room. Your body will be showered: The everyday activities and stress can float away - calmness and receptivity can arise. A special shower peeling is applied and gently massaged in, in circular motions. It will give your skin pore-deep cleaning. Without losing yourself in details, you may simply tell us about what you want to let go and from what you wish to be cleaned internally. Afterwards, the peeling gets rinsed off and finally to complete your sensual experience, you will be rubbed dry by your companion with a fluffy towel. You take your refined and radiant skin with you into the warm massage room and into the GAY-TANTRA® massage, which follows then.

GAY-TANTRA® Shower Ritual
The GAY-TANTRA® Shower Ritual Duration Price
Only in combination with a massage 20 minutes EUR 45
With Armin, GAY-TANTRA® founder and pioneer + 25%

2) Sensory Awakening Ritual

This ceremony is ideal for men couples and can be booked separately from a massage. Individuals can also highly benefit from this ritual. It helps you to let go of daily life, to bring you into a sensual mood and to experience intimacy, love and security.

To be able to concentrate better on his feelings, the receiving part wears a blindfold. The tantric attendant will lead you into a warm and festively decorated room. This is where he will take you on a phantasy trip, on the way to which you will get to know a wide range of surprising and wonderfully sensual experiences that can go far beyond your day-to-day impressions. You will relax, enjoy the small moments of pleasure and open your heart more and more.

At the end of the ritual, your attendant will take off the blindfold so that you can meet each other in a new way. You will have space and time to enjoy and celebrate this face-to-face encounter on your own.

Sensory Awakening Ritual
Sensory Awakening Ritual Duration Price
For Couples (incl. private time) 90 minutes
EUR 220
For Individuals (without subsequent massage) 60 minutes
EUR 155
For Individuals (in combination with a massage longer than 60 minutes) 45 minutes EUR 110
With Armin, GAY-TANTRA® founder and pioneer + 25%

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